Paraty is a perfect environment for meetings. The main proposal of the Festival is to enable meetings among photographers, photography lovers, journalists, thinkers, and enthusiasts in general. When photography becomes ubiquitous, all of us become part-photographers. Paraty in Focus’ main attraction is the series of Meetings and Interviews, which take place at Casa da Cultura (House of Culture)'s auditorium. These are open and free sessions to which photo-graphers are invited to show their work and share their thoughts, angst, their projects and mainly, their photographs.

Each presentation is followed by an interviewer or interviewers, whose mission is to “spark” the debate. The presentations are also open to questions from the public. Two other essential activities for PEF are the Exhibitions

and the Projection Tent. The city's public spaces are taken over by the exhibitions, carefully set up not to disturb the beauty of the historical inheritance. We also occupy the permanent exhibition spaces available, although they remain limited in Paraty.

The Projection Tent is a space with growing importance due to the

fusion between photography and the

editing process. Besides projecting audiovisual works created by the guests, PEF is open to receive material from those interested in participating.

As of 2016 we also allow activities, photographer interventions, and the participation of groups and institutions under the scope of OFF-PEF.

These would be in a parallel programme, managed and under the responsibility

of their respective organisers; however, they are also included in the Festival's catalogue. Follow the news on our website and social media pages.

Save the date to be with us in September and live an unforgettable experience.